Park Slope: The Blue Half of the Two Americas


As we saw in the Brooklyn political donations map last week, Brooklyn tilts heavily toward the blue. Perhaps that's why the British newspaper The Guardian chose it to represent left-leaning America. "If New York city epitomises liberal America; and if Park Slope, a neighbourhood of Brooklyn heavily peopled by writers, artists and other creative souls, epitomises left-leaning New York; then the co-op epitomises left-leaning Park Slope." That's where they perched to poll Obamamaniacs about their feelings, which were "somewhere between excitement that Obama might be about to win, and uncontrollable anxiety that the Democratic cause was about to be ravaged once again." Apparently, anxiety is the prevailing sentiment. "One Park Slope food co-op member said a man in her block of apartments had stopped shaving until victory day; his beard was already long and bushy. Elsewhere across the liberal heartlands, a woman from Denver was reported to have put her love life on hold until the Colorado result came in, while a psychotherapist from Manhattan's Upper West Side said about 90% of her patients were raising electoral fears in their therapy sessions." By tonight, folks should be able to revert to shaving, dating discussing their parents in analysis, one way or another. By the way, the other America? Orange, Texas. "'I am not for socialism. Let's just put it at that way,' [the voter] snapped and then stalked angrily into the local Wal-Mart."
Fear and Loathing Divide Two Americas on Eve of Vote [Guardian]
Photo by atdubya.

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