House of the Day: 186 Washington Avenue


What happened to the crown moldings? That's the first question that pops into our head when we peruse the photos on the listing for 186 Washington Avenue in Clinton Hill. After hitting the market last spring with Aguayo & Huebener for $1,739,000, the property sat on the market through the end of the summer. Last week, Corcoran got the nod and re-introduced the 16-foot-wide brownstone at $1,670,000. The house, which was bought for $1,160,000 in 2005, looks like it's undergone a pretty nice restoration, lack of crown moldings notwithstanding. (Some of the new flooring doesn't fit too well with the historic vibe of the house either, but we digress.) Think the combo of price cut and Corcoran marketing power will be enough to get this deal done?
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