Gourmet Fresh Not So Good for Good Food


The opening of the new food market Gourmet Fresh may have caused some Carroll Gardens residents to celebrate. But for Al Sale, the owner of the 30-year-old Good Food, two doors down, not so much. Turns out not everything there will be either gourmet or fresh. "The arrival of a competing business did not come as a surprise," writes the NY Times. "But Mr. Sale said he had thought that the owners, a local family who previously ran a Key Food in the area, would focus on epicurean items and prepared foods, an expectation that vanished with the arrival of trucks that were also laden with standard items like Coca-Cola." The folks at Gourmet Fresh think their store will bring more business to Mr. Sale, but he's not buying the argument; the store is apparently much snazzier than its older counterpart.
Trouble, Two Doors Down [NY Times]
Photo from A Brooklyn Life.

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