Checking In On Be@Schermerhorn


One of the "Regular Joes" looking to pick up a place on the cheap in Sunday's NY Times real estate section cover story was executive assistant Tarsha Carvey. Turns out she has her sights set on a one-bedroom in be@schermerhorn. We hadn't heard a peep out of the marketing department there since the glitzy launch last summer, so it seemed like a good time to check in on the sales process. Bottom line: There should be an apartment or two left for Ms. Carvey. According to StreetEasy, not a single unit is in contract yet. And most of the listings appear to be one bedrooms starting as low as $380,000. There's already been one round of price cuts—back in October and November most units were trimmed by 10 percent or so. Prices are still well over $700 a foot though, so there's plenty of room to fall from here.
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