Case Shiller Index: Negative Numbers Across the Board


Home prices in the New York City area in February fell 1.6 percent from January and about 10 percent from a year before, according to new numbers from the Case-Shiller Index. Those drops were relatively benign compared to some parts of the country: Las Vegas and San Francisco all experienced year-over-year declines of over 30 percent while Phoenix achieved the distinction of being the first city to have its real estate values fall more than 50 percent from the 2006 peak. Some of the hardest hit regions have begun to show signs of stabilizing, as low prices, the proliferation of foreclosure sales and low interest rates have lured some buyers back to the table. Still, predictions for future declines across the country from so-called experts range from just 5 percent to as much as 33 percent. A chart from the Wall Street Journal of percentage changes in the nation's 20 largest cities is on the jump.
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NYC Price graph from The New York Times

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