Back to Brooklyn (Thanks, in Part, to Brownstoner)


In "The Hunt" column in this Sunday's NY Times, a couple leaves Boerum Hill for the 'burbs when their family expands. Upon arrival in Maplewood, where they bought a 1920 colonial for $930,000 after selling their Bergen Street row house for $2.075, they miss the borough of kings. And it turns out the price tag might have been cheaper, but not the upkeep. "Their Brooklyn taxes were around $3,500 annually, but in Maplewood they were paying around $23,000," they write. The couple decides to return, just as the market is tanking, and have to put their house on the market for $35,000 below what they paid for it, even as prices hold strong and high in Brooklyn. So how'd they find the right house here? "In midsummer, she spotted an open house listing on for a detached Victorian in the Prospect Park South Historic District." It was a five-bed, three-bath and they got it for $1.26 million. Happy ending.
Photo from Mary Kay Gallagher Web site.

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