1/8: Dance Gotham, Bowie’s B-Day…

…and John Carpenter’s “The Thing” vants to suck your blood (sort of)

Dance Gotham

POINTE BREAK: Kicking off tonight with works by Thomas/Ortiz Dance, the Dash Ensemble and more, the three-day Dance Gotham Festival returns for its fourth year of serving up a dazzling array of new ideas and creativity. Three nights and 30 dance companies means everything runs fast and furious – just like we like it. Skirball center for the Performing Arts, 8PM; also on Saturday and Sunday (program varies nightly). 

TWOFER: Any connection between Elvis Presley and David Bowie is tenuous at best – though “The Ziggy Stardust Companion” tells us that one of Bowie’s formative musical experiences involved watching his cousin dance to “Hound Dog” -- but one point is iron-clad: They share a birthday, and tonight, that birthday is being celebrated in style at Greaser Glam! The Elvis and Bowie B-Day Bash. Bands will cover each icon’s oeuvre, DJs will fill in the gaps, and there’ll even be pin-up hairstyling for those needing a hand with their up-do. 200 Orchard, 9PM. 

ICE, ICE BABY: How can one little parasite cause so much paranoia? In John Carpenter’s 1981 horror film “The Thing”, an extraterrestrial lifeform latches onto an Antarctic research team, assimilating and imitating other organisms, and driving the scientists completely crazypants. But is it a match for Kurt Russell’s chiseled jaw? The movie bombed on release, but its cult following has snowballed: See it tonight (and tomorrow) at the Sunshine at midnight. 

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