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Jon Gosselin Plans to "Continue on Television"

TLC says it will stop filming "Jon & Kate Plus 8" next month



    Jon Gosselin Plans to "Continue on Television"
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    Jon Gosselin says he's not wanting for work.

    Jon Gosselin says the show must go on – for him at least.

    The reality dad forced TLC to halt production of “Kate Plus 8” but tells Entertainment Tonight he doesn’t plan to stay off the small screen forever, reported.

    He also said that he’ll "continue on television" and is “not worried about future employment,” with offers seemingly in the pipeline to back up his case.

    Meanwhile, the cable network said it will stop filming new episodes next month, a spokeswoman told The New York Post.

    Gosselin has reportedly turned down an appeal by Lindsay Lohan’s dad, Michael, to join the Celebrity Boxing Federation.

    Lohan has also been pitching network execs on his own reality show, “The Divorced Dad’s Club.” He has said he hoped TLC would release Gosselin from his contract so the octodad could appear on the show.

    During the ET interview, Gosselin also said he was wrong to withdraw money from a joint bank account he shared with soon to be ex-wife Kate.

    "It was just after arbitration and we weren't supposed to take money out of the restrictive account and we both did," he said, according to Us. "I was found in contempt for doing so. I didn't realize, I thought I was just taking my paycheck out."

    Earlier this week, a judge ordered Gosselin to return $155,000 to the account. He said he now plans to do so.

    Gosselin said he wanted to speak to Kate at the court hearing but “in a public setting as a public figure you have to watch what you say and do.”

    The couple's next court date is on Oct. 26.