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The "Bachelorette": Keepin It Classy



    The "Bachelorette": Keepin It Classy
    Jillian's got to be happy she's in the hands of a television show like The Bachelorette, which is always classy and treats love with the reverence and solemnity it deserves.

    How many bachelors are left now? Five? I keep thinking this is over, but you know what? It's not over. Nothing is over!

    Oh, god. So they're still in Banff, not Banff "Springs," which is the name of the hotel they're staying at, and not the town. Jillian, who's been knocking it out, looks-wise, over the last couple of episodes in Banff, talks about how huge it is to meet guys' families. In which case I'm sure she's happy to be in the hands of a television show like The Bachelorette, which is always classy and treats love with the reverence and solemnity it deserves.

    So we're in Philadelphia, which is Reid's hometown, and right away we're looking at the famous steps in front of the Philadelphia Museum of Art that Rocky jogged up, and there's Rocky's statue which was erected about eighty years ago, like come back to the twenty-first century, Bachelorette! Ah, who'm I kidding. If I ever go to Philadelphia, that's the first place I'm going.

    And there's Reid waiting on some street somewhere with some coffee, and Jillian gets out of a car and they embrace and squeal. Jillian's excited to explore Philadelphia, but she's worried Reid will see she's not a good fit. Which is kind of an odd way to put it. Shouldn't she be worried that she'll see Reid isn't a good fit? I mean, she is, ostensibly, in charge here, right? The two of them sit on a bench and talk about being nervous about the first hometown date, and then they nuzzle and kiss and are unfortunately not pelted with batteries by passing Philadelphians.

    So the two of them go for a stroll, and Jillian raves about how beautiful the city is. "It would be a very easy city to live in," she says. Unless one of the actual bachelors is from, I don't know, some place like Tehran, the same's probably true elsewhere.

    Time to meet the family! Reid says approval of his family is so important that if one member of his family disapproves, he'd say she's not the girl for him. Really, Reid? Would that one member of your family be living with Jillian for the rest of his or her life? That's rather disappointing.

    Reid's going to introduce Jillian to his mom Rhonda, dad Larry, and brothers Brett and Chad. Reid says his mother calls him every few days to ask about who he's dating, and when he's getting serious, etc. "Now that I'm turning thirty in two days, she can get a little crazy," he says.

    So Jillian sits down with Reid and his family while everyone drinks beer and Rhonda talks about how it would nice to add a designer to the family, since Reid is a Realtor. And sure enough, mom babbles a little bit about how Reid is good with kids and so she figures he'll get married and have kids, finishing, incongruously, with, "...but, whatever." In an interview, Rhonda tells us that now that Reid is pushing thirty, they'd really like to see him settle down. But she doesn't want to see him hurt, so she wants to make sure that Jillian's the one. Well, do you know she's seeing four other men, and that's actually the fewest number of men she's been seeing over the last couple of weeks?

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