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NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio Says He's ‘Very Seriously' Considering Running for Governor

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In a fundraising email sent to supporters Tuesday, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio said he is "very seriously" considering running for governor.

"First and foremost, let me answer the question I get a lot of these days: Am I going to run for Governor of New York?", the email reads. "The honest answer is, I am thinking about it. Very seriously."

De Blasio went on to say that he is thinking about entering the gubernatorial race because he believes he can revolutionize public education in this state and guarantee 3-K and Pre-K, after-school programs and summer enrichment for every child who wants it in this state — just like New York City has under his administration.

In the email, the mayor also says he believes he can effectively take on the fossil fuel industry as well as take on the wealthy to pay their fair share.

"In the coming weeks, I want to talk about these issues and more. But I cannot do that, and I certainly cannot run, without your support," the email reads, before sharing a link for those who want to contribute to his campaign committee.

Although De Blasio has yet to officially join the race for governor of New York, the mayor did file paperwork with the Board of Elections to create a fundraising committee.

The Democrat filed paperwork in late October to create a committee called New Yorkers for a Fair Future that will allow him to raise funds for a statewide campaign.

De Blasio, whose second and final term as mayor ends Dec. 31, has spoken broadly about wanting to serve New York state.

“I do want to continue in public service. I do want to do more for the people in this city and this state,” the mayor said previously.

If he does ultimately decide to officially run, De Blasio will face a tough race. According to a poll released last month, Gov. Kathy Hochul holds a commanding lead in a crowded field for the Democratic primary for governor — while the will-he-or-won’t-he mayor lags the field.

Hochul garnered 36% support in the Data for Progress poll, 14 points better than AG Letitia James and 21 points ahead of predecessor Andrew Cuomo — who insists he isn’t running. (The poll was shared with Politico, which reported the results and posted the data early Monday.)

The rest of the actual or potential field is in the single digits, with De Blasio last of six candidates on 3% support. Some 11% remain undecided.

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