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Gap Takes Back its Old Logo



    It may have been intended as a savvy design coup—except it wasn't. The newly-designed Gap logo, which the company released last week is officially in the scrap bin. Starting today, the company returned to the classic blue-box icon it's used for over 20 years (which for most of us, is the only Gap logo we've ever known).

    Though the logo was released without much fanfare from Gap's camp, it quickly unleased a rash of universal disapproval. To backpedal on the design snafu, which Louise Callagy, a company spokesperson told Bloomberg News was originally meant to appeal to "so-called Millennials -- consumers in their 20s and early 30s,"  the branded attempted to spin the negative attention into a crowd-sourced redesign project, which only generated more criticism.

    While Gap's has always been one of those classic and reliable brands we grew up with, there's no denying that it's been in need of some major oomph lately. The brand hasn't increased its annual sales for the past five years now, and while a logo makeover—or at least a poorly-executed one—clearly wasn't the right direction to take, some major change still needs to occur to jolt company back to life.