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Michael Stipe Collaborates with Maison Martin Margiela



    The R.E.M. frontman has worked together with the elusive Maison Martin Margiela to create a sleek silver microcasette with what looks like an unraveled tape for a chain. Is it a necklace? An object d'art? You decide.

    The modern-looking trinket is featured in a range of creative ways -- from wearing it as a ring to putting it in the sheer pocket of a shirt to even using it as an eyepatch (creative, though no thanks). We'd probably use it as a headband-adornment, or maybe wear it on a long chain, Flava Flav-style. Regardless, the idea of a cassette type certainly does have the right mix of cool-retro and downtown hip that the two artists were likely going for.

    The cassette piece will be available in a limited batch of only 199 at Margiela boutiques and select retailers, and as Racked points out, no one even seems sure how much it costs, so likely the piece will appear on Gaga, Rihanna, and few others.