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Fall 2014

2 Minutes with Doo-Ri Chung



    Designer of indie favorite, door.ri, Doo-Ri Chung's minimal aesthetic has developed a loyal following for it's youthful and elegant designs.  We caught up with the designer after her Spring 2010 show to discuss those killer heels and veiled dresses.

    Last season there was a distinctly Gothic influence in the collection.  Seemed like this was kind of a departure from that.  How do you see this collection as an evolution of fall 09?

    Well I loved the Gothic references in my last collection.  And I noticed how well it complimented all the jersey dresses.  I tend to always go feminine.  I want a woman to feel feminine- but I liked injecting a kind of harder, edgier girl. I thought it was a good balance.  We wanted to continue that through this season by incorporating metals and we brought back the jerseys but this time with pleating and I think that the texturizing of the jersey makes it a little harder.

    We loved that!  Tonight's shoes were also kind of punk rock...

    Exactly.  I mean, I can always go harder because I feel the clothes are so soft.  It's a good way to balance it out.

    And what images were inspiring you this season?

    I guess the one image I was looking at, was a work by Annette Messager, "My Wishes Under Netting." I loved the poetic-ness of the title and the image itself is so beautiful (ed note: the work is a heart made up of several black boxes, covered with light nets).  So what we did was veiled a lot of the prints we had and the fabrics that we had and what it does is it makes this kind of dimensional illusion.

    So those pieces were basically veiled walking the runway.


    Have you done that before? 

    Nope.  This was the first time.  Just experimenting with it this season. Playing around.

    Any interesting manners of creating prints?

    We've always worked with our own paintings, distorting them on the computer but really, prints aren't something we've really developed yet.  But I'll continue to experiment.  I'd really like to evolve it!