Weiner Slams Obama: He's Acting Like "Negotiator-in-Chief," Not U.S. Leader | NBC New York

Weiner Slams Obama: He's Acting Like "Negotiator-in-Chief," Not U.S. Leader

Calls for President to "move the needle" on tax policy



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    Anthony Weiner gives three reason the public option failed.

    A liberal New York Democrat is accusing President Obama of acting more like "negotiator-in-chief'' than leader of the country and his party on the issue of tax policy.      

    Rep. Anthony Weiner makes the charge in an interview on ABC's "Good Morning America,'' saying he doesn't think Obama fought hard enough to protect party values as he arranged a compromise with congressional Republicans on legislation protecting taxpayers from a rate increase at the end of the month.      

    This includes the wealthy, and Obama had been against extending them for this class of taxpayers.

    Weiner said, "The president has the ability to move the needle and I don't think this administration understands that.''      

    The Democrat says Obama's colleagues in the party want him to succeed, saying "this isn't the same critique as from Republicans who want him to fail.''

    He said Democrats who are unhappy with the compromise tax legislation want to "improve it,'' not block it, when it comes up for a vote.