Midwest Snowstorm Will Turn to Mostly Rain for NY, NJ | NBC New York

Midwest Snowstorm Will Turn to Mostly Rain for NY, NJ

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    Late Evening Forecast for Thursday, February 21. (Published Thursday, Feb. 21, 2013)

    The snowstorm blasting the nation's midsection will move east over the next few days but will bring mostly rain to the tri-state when it arrives.

    Kansas is bearing the brunt of the winter storm, with winter storm warnings stretching from Colorado to Illinois.

    When the system gets here Saturday, it looks like the city and coast will get mostly rain, while north and west of the city will have the best chance for some snow accumulation, just a few slushy inches.

    The first signs of precipitation will arrive Saturday morning with mostly rain for the city, and everything should clear out by Sunday.

    Friday: Mostly cloudy, rain possible at night, a high of 40

    Saturday: Rain likely, some wet snow possible north and west of the city, a high of 41.

    Sunday: Early rain and/or wet snow, a high of 40.

    Monday: Mostly sunny, high of 45.