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Occupy Wall Street's Day of Action

The day of action marks two months since it began.

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    Occupy Wall Street protesters are planning a major day of action on Thursday to mark the two-month anniversary of the movement that began Sept. 17.

    Here is the schedule as posted by the protesters:

    7 a.m.: Gather in Liberty Square in front of the New York Stock Exchange to "confront Wall street with the stories of people on the frontlines of economic justice."

    3 p.m.: Gather at 16 subway hubs to "take our stories to the trains." 


    • Fordham Road on the 4 line
    • 3rd Ave 138th Street on the 6 line
    • 161st and River on the B, D and 4 lines


    • Broadway Junction on the A, C and L lines
    • Borough Hall on the M, R, 2, 3, 4, and 5 lines


    • 125th Street on the A, B, C and D lines
    • Union Square
    • 23rd Street and 8th Ave on the C and E lines


    • Jackson Heights-Roosevelt on the E, F, M, R and 7 lines
    • Jamaica Center/Parsons/Archer on the E, J and Z lines

    Staten Island

    • Staten Island Ferry Terminal

    At 5 p.m., protesters plan to gather at Foley Square, along with a gospel choir and marching band. They will encircle City Hall and later march across the Brooklyn Bridge, carrying thousands of handheld lights to commemorate the two-month anniversary of the movement to "reclaim our democracy."