NYPD Traffic Agent Arrested in Car Tow Fight

The agent had an extraordinary number of unpaid parking tickets on her car, police said

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    NBC New York
    Greene Avenue in Flatbush, where the traffic agent tried to prevent her car from being towed

    An NYPD traffic agent was arrested Monday morning when she tried to prevent her car from being towed because of an extraordinary number of tickets on it, said police.

    The agent, 39-year-old Olatakumbo Erinosho, whose professional responsibilities include writing tickets herself, reportedly put herself in front of her car when city marshals arrived on Greene Avenue in Flatbush to tow it. 

    The city marshals soon realized they would not be able to convince her to move away from the car, so they called police. But even when NYPD arrived, Erinosho still refused to leave, which led to her arrest.

    Police said Erinosho was charged with obstructing governmental administration, disorderly conduct and resisting arrest.

    "I just think it's disgraceful that she actually is charged with enforcing the law and she violated it so many times," said Fort Freene resident Lemeane Isaac.

    "I just think it's entertaining," said Ryan Micallef, a resident of downtown Brooklyn. "The irony is good."