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Jay-Z: Brooklyn Indie Scene Pushing Hip-Hop Forward

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    NEW YORK - NOVEMBER 08: Jay-Z performs on Jay-Z Takes "106 & Park" to Brooklyn at Steiner Studios on November 8, 2007 in Brooklyn, NY. (Photo by Rob Loud/Getty Images)

    Jay-Z told MTV he went to see the "incredible" Grizzly Bear in Brooklyn on Sunday because he thinks indie rock as a genre is pushing hip-hop forward. [MTV]

    "Dear Developer," an unknown person wrote on a construction site in Bed-Stuy, "Will you have affordable housing?" A day later, the construction site answered, "Yes, for those who can afford it!" [Bed-Stuy Blog]

    The city's newest bowling/music venue came to an agreement with the music promoter Bower Presents. [Sound of the City]

    The Times wants to know what you're reading for its special report on books read in the subways. [City Room]

    A shoplifter in the East Village gets the "lost cat" street pole treatment. Good luck, ya thief! [Curbed]

    A Zipcar driver got the smackdown in a Brooklyn forum after arriving late and leaving the gas tank empty. [FIPS]