Brooklyn Granny Gets Car Crushed, Bemoans Lost Parking Spot

A true Brooklyn reaction to a fierce storm

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    That darned storm. It took away her parking space. That, in so many words was the 'what, me, worry?' reaction of Marjorie Smith, an 89-year old Park Slope resident who was more bummed to lose a spot that woulda been good 'til Tuesday.

    If a giant pear tree hadn't crushed the Nissan Altima.

    "It's unusual to get a space in front of your house," said Smith, a grandmother who retired after decades as a secretary and an assitant to a realtor. "It's unusual to get a space period over here."

    But the octogenarian admits the storm which sliced through Brooklyn on Thursday was one-of-a-kind. Take it from her. She's lived in this neighborhood since the '40's.

    "Never had anything like this," she said. "We've had storms, but nothing like this."