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Five Minutes With: Jill Stuart

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Five Minutes With: Jill Stuart

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The designer's inspiration for her Spring 2010 collection was, apparently, Cher -- which definitely made sense considering the madcap rock '80s metallic-and-ruching extravaganza that was the runway.

We just overheard that the collection was inspired by Cher, and we have to say, we saw a few dresses that really reminded us of her costume in "Mermaids" ...

Yeah, like a lot of the pink foil and fabrics!

We were watching and thinking: Recession, what recession?!

I did really want it to be fun, but the clothes are actually all really affordable.

Well, and I know that in your Soho store you also have a vintage section.

I do!

Are your collections ever inspired by some of the vintage as well?

I was really looking a lot at Gianni Versace a lot, as well as Cher. I loved the opulence and embellishments that he used. I had a Gianni Versace jacket in the '90s with metal mesh shoulder pads. I wish I still had it because it was the most amazing piece I owned, and that inspired me to do the leather jacket with the studs and the metal mesh shoulders.

Well, I know there's a lot of great stuff in your store right now -- what's the one piece you'd say is key for fall?

I like a lot of the leather and lace pieces. I think they're like rocker, but still sweet. They're like "angel rocker."

And there's a lot of that contrast in this collection, too -- the dark and the light.

I like to mix the feminine and the rocker, I think it's a good mix.

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