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Clippings: Fashion Highlights from Roseanne Edition




    - Third and Delaware blog has compiled one of the most spectacular fashion time-sucks we've yet found: a breakdown of the most spectacular fashion moments from each season of "Roseanne." (Exhibit A: Roseanne's "corral shirt.") You're welcome, and we're sorry. [Third and Delaware]

    - Best rumor of the week: Marc Jacobs and Victoria Beckham are launching a fur collection together. Cropped chubbies and stilettos are on the horizon! [Elle UK]

    - A new standard for industry success has been unveiled: Chanel apparently has an exclusive cabal of influencial fashion folks called "friends of Chanel." [WWD]

    - Rihanna posed topless for the cover of GQ because she wanted to switch the focus from her past with Chris Brown to her new album release. Because, you know, nothing attracts attention like taking your top off. [NY Post]

    - In case you haven't noticed, there are four major fashion houses (Armani, Chanel, Oscar de la Renta, and Ralph Lauren) who now have lead designers who are 70 or over, with no talks of successors. [Fashionologie]