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Wednesday Watch List: Dixeland Delight!



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    EAST DUBLIN, GEORGIA - JULY 11: L-Bow shows contestants how not to throw a ringer in the Redneck Horseshoe game during the 13th Annual Summer Redneck Games July 11, 2009 in East Dublin, Georgia. Started in 1996 as a spoof for the summer Olympics held in Atlanta, the games feature bobbing for pigs feet, hub cap hurling and the mud pit belly flop contest for trophies. (Photo by Stephen Morton/Getty Images)

    Welcome to Watch List, where we identify five things on TV to watch while you stay at home and deeply regret not attending the University of Miami. LET’S GO!

    YOU DON'T KNOW DIXIE – 9:00PM (History Channel) Think the South is full of gun-totin' rednecks who drive trucks and run moonshine operations? THINK AGAIN. This new two-hour History Channel special dives deep into all the ways the South has contributed to American society and debunk common misconceptions. On hand to comment about such matters are former FSU head coach, Bobby Bowden, Ricky Skaggs, James Carville, and Jeff Foxworthy. Yes, Jeff Foxworthy. Because when you want to dispel myths about the American South, the first person you call is Jeff Foxworthy. ANTICIPATION: HEE HAW!

    CMT MADE – 10:00PM (CMT) More Dixieland shenanigans, this time on a new CMT show featuring simple country folk looking to change their lives. Tonight you'll meet a cop who aspires to become a pro wrestler and trains to make the circuit. If his name wasn't Roscoe before, it sure oughtta be his wrestling handle. ANTICIPATION: ROSCOE!

    THE HOUR – 10:00PM (BBC America) BBC's newest show is a drama about the BBC newsroom back in 1956, when the news media had yet to become the insatiable, corrupt, repugnant monster it now is today. Aww, it's so cute how they have integrity! Anyway, I should point out that, contrary to its title, this show runs MORE than an hour. By all means, sue them for false advertising. ANTICIPATION: SERIOUS!

    BEDBUG APOCALYPSE – 8:00PM (Animal Planet) Bedbugs are everywhere! In your bed! In your sofa! In your hair! You can't get rid of them! Surely, they will end up colonizing and enslaving us all! ANTICIPATION: GAHHHHHHHHHH!

    OUTRAGEOUS KID PARTIES – 10:30PM (TLC) It's a new season of the show that will surely repulse you, as two nutjob parents throw a carnival party for their six-year-old that includes a 500-person guest list. Aren't we all going broke? Who are the people who can afford all this superfluous nonsense? I demand answers. ANTICIPATION: OBSCENE!