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The $25 60-Minute Massage

Paying upwards of $100 for a rubdown? One blog tracks the best massages in BK at half that and less



    The $25 60-Minute Massage
    Patrick Gage/Flickr
    Brokelyn rounds up Kings' County massages for less than $50.

    As much as we love (and need) a massage, it’s the one indulgence we can’t quite bring ourselves to sign up for – an hour’s worth of the stuff tends to start at $100 (which buys a couple rounds of bourbon cocktails and cast-iron chicken for two at Vinegar Hill House – for us, the choice is clear). And we can’t even claim it as a tax deduction.

    So our curiosity was piqued by Brokelyn’s roundup of 60-minute massages to be had in the county of Kings – from Williamsburg to Park Slope -- for $50 or less. Certainly, none of the establishments on this list are likely to lull you into a state of gelatinous relaxation with piped-in pan flute or a selection of organic pomegranate teas. And the lighting may not be all that flattering. But for $25 (the cost of a 60-minute Thai-style massage at BoroughPark’s Tai Shuang Spring Resort– and it even includes a facial or hot-oil treatment)? That could make it a lot easier to stick to our “Try to Reduce Stress, Already” resolution (then again, those bourbon cocktails will also help with that).

    Brokelyn: Massages for $50 and under in Brooklyn