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Write Haiku, Get Free BBQ

Serious Eats will reward the best barbecue haiku with a FastPass to the Big Apple BBQ Block Party. Get cracking, poets!



    Write Haiku, Get Free BBQ
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    Get poetic, win some Big Apple Q.

    Where will you be on the weekend of June 13th? Madison Square Park, that's where, stuffing your piehole with some of the best barbecue in the country. For free.

    Serious Eats is giving away a pair of tickets to the mother of all NYC Q throwdowns, the Big Apple BBQ Block Party, to he or she who they deem the best barbecue poet of '09. (Not just tickets! FastPasses, which cost $100 and let you hop into each station's express lane and make pity-eyes at the poor saps who've been in the regular line for a half hour. Suckers.) Last year, Serious Eats had you write limericks; this year, things get less zany, more zen: they want barbecue-themed haiku. Our contribution:

    The embers flicker
    Porky treats slide off the bone
    Hand me that napkin

    Send in your verse to Serious Eats by March 27 at 3PM.