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Car Smashes into Wallsé



    Car Smashes into Wallsé
    John Capone
    The front of Wallsé moments after an SUV rammed it.

    It may take a lttle longer for Wallsé, the popular West Village Austrian restaurant, to set up for brunch this morning. An SUV driving south on Washington street rammed into the front of it at about 8:30 this morning. Smoke filled the air of the normally quiet corner of W 11th Street. Someone shouted, "This guy just had a seizure," and a prep cook who had come out to see what the bang was ran back into restaurant to get the driver water, while passersby attended to him as the wheels continued to squeal against the pavement. Finally someone was able to shut off the smoking car. A short time later police and firemen filled the block and wheeled the driver into an ambulance on a stretcher.

    Wallsé was lucky — very lucky. In just a couple of more hours the sidewalk the SUV jumped would have been filled with diners sipping mimosas and enjoying the spring morning. As it stands the restaurant got away with just a broken flower box and a dented front.