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Your Guide to Seder at Home



    Your Guide to Seder at Home
    Passover starts on Wednesday.

    "Take a cue from our ancestors and deliver yourself from kitchen slavery," suggests Noah's Ark Deli on its Passover order form (sadly, the order deadline there has passed). The first seder is Wednesday evening, and New York's abundance of Jewish delis and kosher restaurants makes it easy to be observant at home. Read our guide and place your orders.

    Hill Country
    What You Get: Whole, pit-smoked, untrimmed beef briskets ($20 per pound); smoked, chile-rubbed lamb chops ($36 per pound)
    Logistics: Delivery between 14th and 42nd Streets and Third and Ninth Avenues costs $20; elsewhere in Manhattan garners a $40 charge. Order 48 hours ahead.

    What You Get: Practically whatever you want, from stand-alone seder plates (egg, bone, parsley, horseradish, haroset) to brisket (gravy sold separately).
    Logistics: Delivery available throughout Manhattan and Roosevelt Island

    What You Get: Wide variety of à la carte offerings, including meat-stuffed cabbage ($7.99 each), rotisserie duck ($12.99), vegetable tzimmes ($8.99/pound).
    Logistics: Takeout, or delivery anywhere in Manhattan for $25; additional service charge of $7.50 per order; order deadline for platters is April 6.

    What You Get: Traditional selections like gefilte fish ($14 per pound) to potato pudding ($5.95) from an a la carte menu.
    Logistics: Delivery throughout the five boroughs, but prices vary. Order by April 7.

    Talia's Steakhouse
    What You Get: Select options from an a la carte menu including Thai beef salad, milk-fed grilled veal chop, or tilapia.
    Logistics: Delivery cost equals car-service fare from restaurant. Order by April 7.

    What You Get: Four-course meal -- soup or salad; appetizer; entrees including almond-crusted mahi mahi, crab cakes, and bone-out rib eye steak; and dessert.
    Logistics: Delivery cost equals cab or car-service fare from restaurant. Order by April 6.

    Village Crown To-Go
    What You Get: Select from four complete menus (Ashkenazi- or Sephardic-influenced). Serves eight to ten people for $250.
    Logistics: Free delivery; must order by April 5.

    Sacred Chow
    What You Get: Vegan for Passover: Dried Fruit Seitan Brisket with Yucca and Yukon Golds; Fennel-Apple Charoset (gluten free); Bitter Herb Hummus (gluten free); Savory Scrambled Matzo Brei; Auntie Vera’s Spinach-“Chik’n” Soup (gluten free); and White Cocoa Halva Pie (gluten free), ranging from $5 to $15 a dish.
    Logistics: Free delivery from Canal to 14th Street, West Side Highway to First Avenue. $5 charge outside of the zone.

    Payard Patisserie & Bistro
    What You Get: Chocolate-dipped matzo, flourless cookies and cakes, truffles, and chocolates.
    Price: Pieces start at $3.
    Logistics: Delivery anywhere in Manhattan is $15.

    Research by Hannah Geller

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