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Backlashicist: Food Trucks



    Backlashicist: Food Trucks
    Two too many food trucks?

    A once-proud tradition has been perverted. The black mark of contrived food trucks this year besotted the Vendy Awards. It must have seemed a terrific idea to someone to include the Rickshaw truck in the finalists for this year's awards, but to have this dumpling dumper sit proudly alongside the Jamaican Dutchy is a travesty on the order of Milli Vanilli's Grammy. A commenter on Midtown Lunch went so far as to call the Rickshaw truck "The Dane Cook" of foodtrucks.

    The outrages don't stop there. The fire ignited by Kogi, the west coast Korean BBQ truck, threatens to engulf a once-proud tradition that belonged to falafel carts, taco trucks, roach coaches, Mr. Softee and maybe Mud coffee. Wafels and Dinges was one thing. Even Van Leeuwen, though it pushed the boundaries, seemed acceptable, selling organic gourmet ice cream camped out under the High Line.

    But for god's sake, just last week a Swedish meatball truck opened its window on a Williamsburg curbside. A sign on it proudly proclaims it the "Eurotrash" truck. OK, that one was actually sort of cool. But is there a need for a Le Gamin to have a bistro truck? There are trucks for cupcakes, a Treats Truck, and one for French bistro fare. A Vinny Vincenz pizza truck in Union Square. Contests to design your own food truck. There is even a truck, and try wrapping your head around this, that delivers. And it doesn't stop there. You've heard of Schnitzel and Things and The Big Gay Ice Cream Truck?

    The cutesy posturing, the Twitter feeds to follow these moving targets, the flouting of regulation (EuroTrash's Sven Wechsler skirted license requirements by parking his truck across from Radegast, in the the building where his moving company and recording studio are located), and the constant updates on whom has been ticketed where, all must stop. Simply get the truck out of here.