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6/25: Maxwell & Jill Scott @ MSG, Cutegasm!...

…and old-school disco aboard NYC’s largest clipper ship



     6/25: Maxwell & Jill Scott @ MSG, Cutegasm!...
    Blue Note Records

    TWOFER: Maxwell’s coasting on the critical acclam of the first installment of his trifecta BLACKsummers'night. Jill Scott is sneaking out snippets from her upcoming summer release The Light Of The Sun. They have a boatload of Grammys between them, and they’re playing the Garden tonight.Like you're going to miss this. 7PM. 

    AWW: Did you know the part of your brain that pings with good vibes when you eat chocolate or take drugs is the same one that makes you go all gooey when you hit your Cute Overload bookmark? Learn this—and much more—from illustrator/author Ted Enik, who heads up tonight’s exploration into the mysterious appeal of adorability at the Gowanus Observatory. Cutegasm! or the Commodification of Cartoons, Cupcakes, Penguins and Prostitots is at 8PM. 

    BEATS AHOY: Pretty much any excuse to toodle around New YorkHarbor on a boat is fine by us, but add in old-school disco and NYC’s largest clipper ship, and we’re first in line. Tonight, the ClipperCity comes alive seventies sounds (on vinyl!) as part of a monthly party, the Good Peoples Disco Cruise. We missed last month’s but heard it was serious good times. Pier 17; board at 11:30PM, return at 2:30AM.


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