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Should You Leave New York?

Is it a good time to be living in the nation's priciest city? Time Out talks to New Yorkers who did the unthinkable: They fled.



    Should You Leave New York?
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    Time Out asks three former New Yorkers what made them flee the alleged center of the universe for places like Hartland, Vermont.

    On the heels of the dispiriting news reported last week by the Times that "it takes $123,322 to enjoy the same middle-class life as someone earning $50,000 in Houston," Time Out interviewed three former New Yorkers who bailed on the city for supposedly greener pastures - Chicago, Kansas City, and something called Heartland, Vermont (which was just too Hallmark to be true, so we Google-mapped it, and it may actually be spelled Hartland, but: still cutesy).

    So, what made them leave? (Highlights: cramped space, bedbugs, street trash, and pressure - some of our favorite things, really.) And what's so special about where they live now? Apparently, "clawfoot tubs," three bedroom apartments for "$750 a month," and Jameson's on the rocks for $3.75. This is the kind of information that saps us of our will to live, so click to ready TONY's I Had to Leave NYC at your own peril.