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Happy Place: Elephant Gets Prosthetic Leg

Read the tale of Mosha, an elephant that lost a leg to a landmine, and her new awesome fake limb. Warm fuzzies guaranteed.



    Happy Place: Elephant Gets Prosthetic Leg
    Mosha, the three legged elephant, longs for the days of walking on all fours. Hopefully this three-day-old elephant from a German zoo will be able to keep all of its limbs.

    You can only check the Dow so many times, kids! Here's a story that'll get your blood pressure hovering near normal:

    A seven-month-old elephant in Thailand named Mosha was just hanging out, adorably blowing water out her trunk and batting her gigantic eyelashes at passersby, when the poor thing stepped on a landmine and lost part of her leg. Since the accident, the folks at the Friends of the Asian Elephant hospital in Lampang have been hard at work on a solution and now, Mosha is the proud owner of a prosthetic limb.

    We heard about it via Guanabee, where there's also some crazy cute video of Mosha trying out her new leg.

    Department of Natural Park, Wildlife, and Plant Conservation via AP

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