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American Phrases That Annoy Brits



    American Phrases That Annoy Brits
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    So the British want us to stop using some of our famously annoying phrases? Good luck with that.

    Toby Harnden, the "US Editor" for the UK's Daily Telegraph writes that certain American sayings have really grated on him in his seven years stationed here.

    Love it or leave it, right? Well, actually some of these phrases are quite annoying, and perhaps we should retire them in 2009.

    This is America, so you decide.

    Hardnen's top ten list, and his "translations," can be found here:

    1. "Happy Holidays."

    Translation: "Merry Christmas but I realise you might be Jewish, Buddhist, Hindu, Muslim, Bahai, something even more exotic, agnostic or Godless and I don't want to offend you."

    2. "Have a Nice Day."

    Translation: "I would like you to have a pleasant time today" or "I hate you" - or anything in between.

    3. "You're welcome."

    Translation: Meaningless Pavlovian response to thank you.

    4. "Do the math."

    Translation: "Work it out yourself, stupid."

    5. "Let's visit with each other."

    Translation: "We should spend time together."

    6. "How are you today?"

    Translation: "We mean nothing to each other, but let's pretend."

    7. "Good luck with that."Translation: "You have no chance at all."

    8. "Oh my gosh!"

    Translation: "I fear you may feel that taking the Lord's name in vain is blasphemous."

    9. "Can I use your bathroom?"

    Translation: "I would like to use your lavatory."

    10. "Not so much."

    Translation: "That's completely wrong." Used on me in classic fashion by a Clinton aide back in February.