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Sometimes, it’s reassuring to remind ourselves that kindness can be found anywhere.

That’s why we love the Broadway hit musical Come From Away. Based on a true story about remarkable kindness, it exemplifies the capacity every human being has to do good to complete strangers. In the immediate wake of the September 11 attacks, 38 planes were diverted to the small town of Gander, Newfoundland and Labrador. For the next two weeks, some 7,000 stranded passengers became part of this tight knit community as the locals welcomed them into their homes. It’s a remarkable story of the power of our common humanity. 

To keep that same spirit alive, NBC New York has teamed up with Come From Away to find more real stories of kindness right here in our local communities. Know someone whose selfless commitment to the well-being of others makes your community a better place? You can nominate them here, and they could be featured on NEW YORK LIVE and see Come From Away on Broadway! 

Nominations continue to roll in, but here are a few of our favorite so far: 

“Anne P, is a New York woman who constantly gives to others with her time, donations needed, funds raised, etc. There is no end to her giant, genuine, and generous heart! New York is beyond lucky to have a woman like her representing the greatest city and state in the world! She is deserving of any goodness that comes back to her!”

“I would like to nominate Ms. Nadia L, a middle school Principal. She opened a school to close a prison. She lives and cares for her scholars unconditionally. She is there for them during and after school, on the weekends and even after they graduate from her school. She has a huge heart and is unstoppable. Amongst other things, she deserves it. She deserves to be recognized so others can follow in her footsteps. Kind, loving, independent and a go-getter.”

“Sharon, my neighbour. I just lost her, on my birthday January 9, 2018. Sharon was just 40, three daughters, two with special needs. Truly a kind friend and neighbor. I wish I could tell her daughters how much she meant to me.”

“All New Yorkers have a 9/11 story.  Patrice's and mine intersected as we watched the towers fall from our PR agency, PT&Co.,  in the Meatpacking District. Patrice had already lost her husband to a brain tumor and had several health issues.  After 9/11, she metamorphosed into someone devoted to helping others. She donates her time and raises money for Girl Scouts of the USA and Dancing Classrooms and is a trustee of the American Friends of the Phelophepa Train. She founded Joyful Planet, a life consultancy designed to help anyone find a purpose and joy in life…”

“Her name is Jean. She picks up donated Trader Joe’s food and gives it to homeless shelters each week and is in her 80s. She's perfect!”

"Kristen M. is our guidance counselor. She has launched a campaign in our school that has gone GLOBAL! It is called Kindness Through Compliments. This initiative has a class write positive affirmations on hearts, then mail them out to another class, and keeps the kind words flowing. At this point, our hearts have made it as far as Asia! You can check out the project with #kindnessthroughcompliments." 

"My mother Gloria G. worked as a job coach for autistic youths and adults for many years, only recently retiring when she was diagnosed with breast cancer."

"On September 28, my beautiful island of Dominica was 90 percent destroyed when Hurricane Maria ravaged the island with her howling, monster-like winds for five hours. When folks woke up the next morning, everyone thought they were the only one alive. It was almost five days before we were able to make contact with any family members. I set out to inquire how I could help after receiving bleak reports from family and friends. My husband is the bassist for the show Come from Away, so I contacted Beverley Bass (the real-life pilot portrayed in the show by Jenn Colella). I reached out not for a handout, but to inquire whether she knew of anyone who would be willing to donate travel miles to assist me with the evacuation of some family members. She immediately responded and asked, "How many people do you need to evacuate?" I said, "Twelve," and she said, "I'll take care of it." I witnessed Beverley Bass use her own funds to purchase tons of supplies for the folks in Texas [after Hurricane Harvey]."

"We have autopay set up on my son's lunch account from the time he was in grammar school until he graduated high school. I noticed many frequent replenishments and later found out that he was quietly feeding classmates who were new or had nothing to eat due to a lack of lunch money. He used to skip lunch to feed a new kid. I kept paying and didn't complain. My younger son quietly carried on this family tradition. I am a proud father." 

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