When Do I Get My Stimulus Check?

A new round of $600 stimulus checks is on the way, and more could be coming if Congress can make a $2,000 deal

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After much back and forth, President Trump signed a new coronavirus stimulus package Sunday night that will provide a second round of stimulus checks to many Americans.

But when, and how, and how much, can be confusing. This is the latest information, as of the afternoon of Dec. 29.

Q: When do I get my check?

A: The Treasury Department said payments may begin as early as Tuesday night. However, because of Friday's bank holiday, some direct deposits might not clear until early the week of Jan. 4. It could take a while longer if you're getting a paper check or pre-paid debit card instead.

Mnuchin said people who are eligible may check the status of their payments on the IRS website later this week.

Q: How much do I get?

A: It depends, though the general theme is "fewer people are eligible, and for less money, than last time."

  • If you earned up to $75,000 in 2019, you get the full $600.
  • If you filed jointly as a couple and earned up to $150,000 in 2019, you get a full $1,200.
  • Then the payments start to phase out, in small increments, as your income goes up.
  • If you earned more than $87,000 individually or $174,000 jointly, in 2019, you get nothing.

Q: What about my kids?

A: You get $600 per dependent under age 17, as long as you qualify for the stimulus based on your income. Adult dependents do not qualify.

Q: I don't have a Social Security Number; can I get a check?

A: You will still need a Social Security Number to get a stimulus check. However, in a change from last time, you can still get a check even if someone else in your house does not have an SSN.

Q: What's this $2,000 check I keep hearing about?

A: President Trump wants the stimulus to be bigger. Congressional Democrats want it to be bigger too. For now, there's no guarantee that it will happen. The House passed a measure with bipartisan support to increase the stimulus; Senate Republicans are so far blocking consideration of it, though that may change.

Q: If it does pass, would I get another $2,000 on top of the $600 I just got?

A: No. You would get another $1,400 on top of the $600 the president signed into law in late December, for $2,000 total.

Q: I have more tax questions. Where do I go?

A: The IRS has a webpage for what it calls "Economic Impact Payments" that walks through some of the rules and regulations, though it's still being updated to account for the second stimulus. You can find it here.

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