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Pot "Vending Machine" Seized in Raid

Pro-marijuana activists wanted to show “how things could be” if pot was legal



    Pot "Vending Machine" Seized in Raid
    Would you like a soda or weed?

    New Zealand police have put the kibosh on an experimental way of selling marijuana – dispensing it like a candy bar through a vending machine.

    Four people were arrested and $27,000 ($21,983 U.S.) in cash, cannabis and drug paraphernalia were seized after a raid on a warehouse in Auckland used as the headquarters for the National Organisation for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (Norml), TVNZ reported.

    The raid came in response to news coverage of the pot vending machine, where visitors could buy a one-gram bag for $20 ($16 U.S.).

    Norml president Julian Crawford told TVNZ the vending machine “has been very popular” and was “an example of how things could be'' if marijuana were legalized in New Zealand.

    Police also carted away the vending machine in the raid.