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Ex-Deputy Sentenced for Smuggling Heroin-Stuffed Burrito into Jail

The former sheriff's deputy claims he didn't know what was in the burrito



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    Henry Marin, 27, was sentenced to two years behind bars.

    A former sheriff's deputy from Los Angeles County was sentenced Monday to two years behind bars after getting busted trying to smuggle heroin, concealed in a burrito, into a courthouse jail.

    According to prosecutors, 27-year-old Henry Marin accepted the burrito, stuffed with beans, cheese and 24 grams of black tar heroin, from a woman outside the courthouse in February 2010.

    When he tried to enter again, undercover investigators, who were part of an elaborate sting operation, were waiting for him.

    Marin, who pleaded not guilty, claimed he didn't know about the burrito's illegal ingredient and was planning on checking it before delivering it to an inmate.

    Marin was relieved of his duties and surrendered to deputies on Jan. 11, NBC Los Angeles reported.

    It wasn't Marin's first time in the spotlight. He was featured in the 2007 Fox reality show, "The Academy" which gave viewers a peek inside the 18-week training course at the Los Angeles Country Sheriff's Academy. Marin washed out of the class after failing a test but was allowed to re-enroll and later completed the academy successfully, a department spokewaman told NBC Los Angeles. Marin was hired in 2006.

    In April, Marin pleaded no contest to one count of bringing drugs into a jail, and one count of conspiracy to commit a crime, which was later thrown out.