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Get Out of Your Cell Contract for Free

CelltradeUSA makes it easier for you to avoid early termination penalties



    Get Out of Your Cell Contract for Free

    Dropped calls, no bars, slow internet… you’ve finally had it with your cell phone provider and you want to leave. Trouble is you’re locked into a long term contract and the only way to get out is to pay a large fee. Or maybe not.

    CelltradeUSA is a website designed to make it easier for you to avoid those penalties and move on to greener pastures with more bars.

    The company is a matchmaking service of sorts. Whether you want to walk away from your current contract or find a good deal with a new carrier, the company promises to help.

    You create a profile describing the details of your contract, phone, and accessories you want to get rid of and Celltrade matches you with someone who wants to take your contract over.

    Most US carriers are listed . The service charges a small fee but it’s likely much cheaper than the penalty from your provider. There is one caveat: if you want to keep your current number you may run into some snags. Celltrade says each carrier handles this differently and you’ll want to confirm with them you can move it.