Starbury Watches Knicks Fall Just Short

What goes through Stephon Marbury's mind when he watches the Knicks these days? It's a fascinating question. Can a player whose selfishness is so great that he forced a trade away from Kevin Garnett appreciate this group of undermanned, undersized, overworked group of seven players? 

It would run contrary to the axiom about teaching old dogs new tricks. Those seven Knicks almost pulled off a monumental upset against the Lakers on Tuesday night, falling short when Kobe Bryant transcended in the final quarter. The back-to-back road games probably didn't help either as the Knicks faltered after a bang-up first half left them 15 points ahead entering the break. It was a valiant effort, which doesn't mean much, but you'd be hard-pressed not to like this team more after watching it.

MSG didnt provide a constant camera on Marbury, so we can't say exactly how he felt about the team's effort. They didn't even interview him, which had to be a decision from the Dolan suite and not from any kind of director or producer who cares about presenting the fullest view of the Knicks. Mark Berman of the Post reports that the Lakers broadcast crew did conduct an interview, though he doesn't share any pithy observations from the man with the tattooed head.

So we'll have to take solace with this bit of Hollywood-style marketing from Starbury. He channeled the marketing department of "Desperate Housewives" when talking about his future.

"Only thing I got to do is get free," he said. "The team that I'm going to go to, I think a lot of people will be shocked." 

And next week on "The Starbury Chronicles," Stephon adopts a puppy. You won't believe what happens next!

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