Roberto Alomar Settles AIDS Lawsuit

Ex Met was accused of having unprotected sex after testing positive for HIV

Court records in Brooklyn show that Roberto Alomar's ex-girlfriend has settled the lawsuit she filed against the ex-Mets second baseman in January. Ilya Dall was seeking $15 million in damages for allegations that Alomar had unprotected sex with her after he found out that he had contracted the AIDS virus, but no financial terms of the settlement were announced.

Dall was gunning for this outcome from the first day by loading her lawsuit with embarrassing revelations about Alomar. The allegations ranged from Alomar suffering from erectile dysfunction to his being gang-raped when he was 17, and Dall also made graphic claims about how full blown AIDS was affecting Alomar.

Alomar's lawyer, Charles Bach, called the lawsuit frivolous when it was filed, and wouldn't address whether or not his client had AIDS yesterday.

"He's healthy and he looks great," said Bach. "The matter is over. The plaintiff [Dall] has withdrawn her complaint."

Alomar himself has said he's in "very good health," but has also avoided direct comment on his HIV status. There's no reason that medication, exercise and healthy living wouldn't allow him to be in very good health even if he did have the virus, but there's also no reason why that status should be a matter of public record.

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