Giants Are The NFL's Worst Team

So it’s official, the 2014 New York Giants are the worst team in football. Do they have the worst record? No, but they just lost to the team that was tied for the worst record, so that makes them the worst. And really, with an NFL-high seven game losing streak, the 3-9 Giants have a lot of material to support their case for the league’s worst team.

With four games remaining, New York is still in the running for the No. 1 draft pick. Who should they target in the draft? Here are some candidates.

1. A Tight End Who Doesn’t Fumble.

Larry Donnell was not drafted out of Grambling, which prompted some people to scratch their heads earlier this year when Donnell caught three touchdown passes against the Redskins. It looked like the start of great things for the second-year tight end. Little did we know but that was actually the start of the end for Donnell’s 2014 season.

He had a back-breaking fumble against the Cowboys, but yesterday’s cough-up against the Jaguars took it to another level, as the fumble was returned for a go-ahead touchdown in the fourth quarter.

2. A Quarterback Who Doesn’t Fumble.

Did you pick up the Jaguars’ defense in your fantasy league in advance of the game against the Giants? If so, you’re a genius (but also probably a moron). Who could have predicted Gus Bradley’s defense would score two defensive touchdown against the Giants? One came when Donnell coughed up the ball, another when Eli Manning fumbled into the end zone and Rashad Jennings decided it’d be wise to try to pick it up and run with it, a decision that cost the team five points.

3. A Coach Who Gets Through to His Players.

Can you draft a coach? Probably not. But if you could, it’d be worthwhile to get one who can convey to his players the importance of maintaining possession of the football. Larry Donnell needs to be treated to a private screening of “The Program” starring Mike Tomlin, in which head coach James Caan makes the freshman running back carry a football with him at all times while teammates make efforts to strip him of the ball, all in an attempt to cure him of his tendency to fumble.

4. A General Manager Who Signs Players Who Don’t Get Injured.

Jerry Reese put together a talented secondary this season, but Walter Thurmond and Prince Amukamara are out for the year with injuries, and the defense has suffered. Middle linebacker Jon Beason has also been injured most of the season, wide receiver Victor Cruz went down for the year with a knee injury, and starting running back Rashad Jennings missed a handful of games due to an injury, too.

Unfortunately for the Giants, it’s not possible to draft a general manager, infallible or otherwise.

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