Seton Hall Keeping Busy With the NCAA

For such a small school, they sure are forcing the NCAA to give them a lot of attention.

There was Michael Glover, being denied academic clearance by the NCAA after enrolling at Seton Hall. Oliver decided to file a lawsuit against the NCAA. That went about as expected and has been dismissed.

Then there is the limbo status of Melvyn Oliver. Another academically shaky player that Bobby Gonzalez and Seton Hall signed. The NCAA Clearinghouse has yet to rule on him, and all leaked information suggests that he won't get eligible.

As if that wasn't enough, the Pirates took two transfers and are applying to get both waivers to play this season rather than sit out the season. Herb Pope, formerly of New Mexico State, and Keon Lawrence who used to be with Missouri.

While Lawrence is from New Jersey and has legitimate issues with a seriously ill parent, his academic status will not let him play until at least the second-half of the season, even if he does get the waiver.

As for Herb Pope, he has already had his application denied. So the Pirates are going to be very thin. Well, at least they have Robert "Stix" Mitchell -- a Duquesne transfer -- eligible this year.

As noted by others, all of these appeals and petitions to the NCAA by Seton Hall -- well players that are trying to get eligible to play at Seton Hall -- may be working against the school in the long term. While it's true that every case is treated on its individual merits, Seton Hall is in the middle of far too many of them not to attract extra scrutiny. While they may be treated fairly, they will also be examined much closer.

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