Jim Leyritz Annoyed at Breathalyzers, Doesn't Seem to Mind Living

Jim Leyritz

It's been almost a year since Jim Leyritz decided to get drunk and take the wheel, a horrendously stupid decision that ruined his life and took the life of a young mother. What's he up to these days? Making ill-advised pleas for public sympathy by blaming the dead mother for the accident and whining about how the Breathalyzer unit attached to his car's ignition makes going out to eat "bothersome."

"He cannot leave the car with a valet, because it cannot be started by the valet," his lawyers said in a statement.

And he "can't eat things like chicken Marsala," said his ex-wife, Karri, because certain foods cause false positives.

Two thoughts immediately come to mind: 1) how come the valet guys aren't sober enough to pass the Breathalyzer? 2) a woman is dead, and we're supposed to care that he "can't eat things like chicken Marsala?" Pity him.

I'm all for second chances, but it's been nearly a year since his accident and if needing to walk across the parking lot and being careful what he orders is the worst of his problems, well, he should be feeling pretty good about things. Need we point out how worse things could have turned out?

His trial is currently slated for Jan. 12, and he plans to argue that the accident was the other driver's fault: apparently she was drunk, as well, and he claims she ran a red light and caused the accident. Maybe that's all true, but considering his blood-alcohol content was nearly twice the legal limit, he can't claim with any confidence that the accident was unavoidable. If he had his wits about him that night, perhaps he could have slowed down or somehow avoided her. Instead, she died, and a year later, he can't eat certain Italian dishes.

Life isn't even remotely fair sometimes.

(Hat-tip: Can't Stop the Bleeding)

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