Catfight at Yankee Stadium?

Yankee girlfriends aren't chummy

After years of exhibiting all the clubhouse chumminess of a morgue, the Yankees actually have a brightness to them this season. Years of approaching the game of baseball with the grim matter-of-fact nature of morticians have given way to whipped cream pies to the face, goofy dancing celebrations and the long-missing feeling that members of the Yankees actually enjoyed one another's company.

Also missing from this season is the constant updates on the feud between Derek Jeter and Alex Rodriguez. Whether they've learned to like each other, tolerate each other or ignore each other we don't know, but we haven't had to hear anything about it which works just as well. That doesn't mean the high school cattiness void has to be left totally unfilled, however.

Thursday's Page Six reports that Kate Hudson, A-Rod's squeeze du jour, and Minka Kelly, Jeter's starlet of the moment, are acting out their own reprise of their boyfriends' spat. This version comes with a twist, however. Whereas opinion was strongly slanted against Rodriguez when he first came to New York because of Jeter's place in Yankee hierarchy, it seems that Hudson has made her way into the cool clique. 

"People are choosing sides," says Page Six, which also says that Hudson has earned the approval of Laura Posada and Michelle Damon. According to the paper, they are the queen bees of the Yankee social scene and they've granted Hudson a spot in the inner circle. The actress has been sitting with them and other wives in the Yankee family section during games while Kelly sits alone in Jeter's private box. She also sits alone at the lunch room and totally doesn't get invited to the cool parties at Nick Swisher's house after the games.

Silly, mindless rubbish that may only have a sliver of truth to it? Sure, but it's also amusing especially with any other topic about the Yankees well-worn ground at this point in time. They're good, they have a wicked habit of coming back and winning games late and, unless the Mets slip some of their virus into the food at NYY Steak, they're headed to the playoffs. In the meantime allow us a little prurient summer fun.

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