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They're Playing Donovan McNabb's Music

The Giants' archnemesis is back in a new uniform



    They're Playing Donovan McNabb's Music
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    It feels like something out of a Superman comic book or a James Bond movie.

    Our heroes are faced with a do-or-die situation, trying everything in their might to hold off an enemy that seems to know their every move before they can pull it off. There's no reason this foe should be able to cause such a hard time and no reason why they should be able to exploit every weakness in their effort to do ill will. No reason, that is, until a door opens and reveals Lex Luthor or Blofeld or, in the case of the Giants this Sunday, Donovan McNabb.

    The archenemy is back in town this weekend and he's likely planning on bringing his sinister laughter with him to the phone on the Giants sideline. It doesn't matter that he's wearing a new uniform or that he no longer has the mustachioed Andy Reid as his sidekick, McNabb still chills the hearts of every Giants fan because of the way he's beaten the Giants in the past.

    He's done it on Eagles teams that, like this Redskins club, can't run the ball. He's done it on Eagles teams that, like this Redskins club, have mediocre wide receivers. He's done it on Eagles teams that ... well, you get the picture. McNabb's never had a problem finding a way to give the Giants headaches.

    In fact, comparing him to Luthor or a Bond villain isn't particularly apt. Superman and James Bond always win in the end of their stories, even if the price is high, while the Giants rarely wind up on top when McNabb is involved. He's beaten them in 11 of their 18 meetings in the past, including the last four games.

    If Superman had a record like that, they wouldn't name the comic book after him. So maybe we're miscasting the Giants in this rivalry. Perhaps it is better to think of it in professional wrestling terms. The Giants are a plucky good guy battling against an evil champion who uses all manners of skullduggery to keep his title. No matter how much you convince yourself this time will be different, the card ends with the title still in the wrong hands.

    Is this the moment where the confetti finally drops and the reign of evil comes to an end? Has switching from green and white to burgundy and gold robbed McNabb of his essential ability? Can the Giants finally remove the scourge of McNabb from their lives and resume their chase of higher glory? 

    Tune in to find out, true believers, for all the answers you seek will be revealed this Sunday.

    Josh Alper is a writer living in New York City and is a contributor to and in addition to his duties for You can follow him on Twitter.

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