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Prosecutors Will Likely Oppose Burress' Furlough



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    New York State Department of Corrections
    Former New York Giants receiver Plaxico Burress has started his two-year sentence for carrying an illiegal handgun in a Manhattan nightclub.

    Manhattan prosecutors say it's too soon for former Super Bowl star Plaxico Burress to get a break from prison, and they'll likely oppose his bid for work release.
    Chief Assistant District Attorney Mark Dwyer said Tuesday that a furlough only a few months into Burress' two-year sentence would send "a very bad message."

    State prison officials are expected to decide next month on Burress' Nov. 25 request. If it's granted, the ex-New York Giant could spend some portion of his time at home.
    Burress' lawyer, Benjamin Brafman, declined to comment.
    Burress went to prison in September for carrying a gun that accidentally went off in a nightclub. He pleaded guilty to attempted criminal possession of a weapon.