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A-Rod Is A-mazing in Anaheim



    A-Rod Is A-mazing in Anaheim
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    Alex Rodriguez's fourth-inning homer off Angels starter Jered Weaver.

    Who is the guy? Is it the same person who became allergic to October when he first put on pinstripes? Is it the same player who batted .143, with one homer in his last 25 playoff games before the 2009 postseason?

    The answer is -- Yes! It is the same Alex Rodriguez.

    And now, in Anaheim, the same city as Disneyland, his magical transformation is in full view of everyone -- including Mickey and Minnie.

    "I mean, I'm just in a good place," he said recently.

    "I will say that in other postseasons I failed, and sometimes failed miserably. It certainly feels good to come through for my team and help the team win," he said last night.

    Speaking of last night, A-Rod did it again. He homered.

    That makes five roundtrippers in this year's playoffs. That means he's had at least one RBI in all seven of the Yankees playoff games. The guy is hitting .375 in the ALCS after batting a ridiculous .455 in the Bombers sweep of the Twins in the ALDS.

    Last night I interviewed the real "Mr. October," Reggie Jackson, who hit 18 post-season homers and owns 5 World Series rings. I asked him why Alex has excelled in the post-season this year after so many years of failures. Reggie said "talent." Say what?
    Is it that simple ?

    He's always had the talent, Reggie!

    So what is it? Is it Kate Hudson? He seems happy with the Hollywood starlet. Is it the the medallion that Kate and Alex's cousin (who sit together), put on the dugout roof and sometimes rub, whenever he comes to bat?

    Is it witchcraft? Is it voodoo? Or is it just time?

    Yankee fans don't care what it is. They just want Alex to keep it rolling.

    Which leads us to tomorrow and game 5 of the ALCS, where the Yankees are just one win away from advancing to their first World Series since 2003.

    That means Rodriguez is just one game away from exorcising the ghosts of playoffs past. Well, sort of -- next the question will be, can he perform in the Fall Classic?