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Local Democrats Respond to Firing of FBI Director James Comey



    Lawmakers React to Comey Firing

    Lawmakers and New Yorkers react to the firing of FBI Director James Comey. Michael George reports.

    (Published Wednesday, May 10, 2017)

    Democratic politicians and officials from New York, New Jersey and Connecticut on Tuesday responded to the abrupt firing of FBI Director James Comey by President Trump, some of them calling for the appointment of a special prosecutor to investigate any ties between President Donald Trump and Russia.

    U.S. Sen. Chuck Schumer of New York

    “Given the way the president fired Director Comey, any person appointed to replace him should be concerned that he or she will suffer the same fate if they run afoul of the Trump administration.”

    U.S. Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand of New York

    “No more excuses: We need an independent special prosecutor to investigate the Trump Administration’s ties to Russia.”

    U.S. Sen. Cory Booker of New Jersey

    “The President of the United States just fired the person who was investigating his campaign, which should set off alarm bells across the country. The last time a presidential firing raised this many questions, America was in the middle of the Watergate crisis.”

    U.S. Sen.  Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut

    "The need for a special prosecutor is now crystal clear. President Trump has catastrophically compromised the FBI's ongoing investigation of his own White House's ties to Russia. Not since Watergate have our legal systems been so threatened, and our faith in the independence and integrity of those systems so shaken. The only way to restore faith in a non-political, non-partisan FBI is to appoint an independent special prosecutor."

    New York Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman

    “The president's actions today threaten both critical investigations now underway, and the integrity and independence of the FBI, which is a critical partner to my office and to law enforcement agencies across the country. It is now clear that we need a special prosecutor to investigate interference by the Russian government into our presidential election and any potential ties to the Trump campaign or campaign associates. We need our leaders in Washington to put partisanship aside and call on President Trump and Department of Justice to do the right thing. The American people deserve nothing less.”

    Congressman Jim Himes of Connecticut

    “I am deeply troubled by President Trump's firing of FBI Director Comey in the middle of a investigation into possible links and connections between Trump, his campaign and associates and Russia. The White House cited Director Comey's handling of the investigation into Secretary Clinton's emails as the reason for the firing, but many will be rightly skeptical of that explanation.”

    FBI Director James Comey FiredFBI Director James Comey Fired

    FBI Director James Comey was fired Tuesday, and Andrew McCabe was named Acting FBI Director. David Ushery reports.

    (Published Wednesday, May 10, 2017)

    Congresswoman Bonnie Watson Coleman of New Jersey

    “On the heels of FBI Director James Comey’s testimony that confirmed an active investigation into this Administration’s ties to Russia, business entanglements and conflicts of interest - the President has fired Director Comey. It is extremely suspicious and troubling that in the midst of growing questions about the Trump Administration’s ties to Russia’s interference into our democracy, Attorney General Sessions, who recused himself, could recommend the dismissal of the person in charge of carrying out that very investigation. Who is now in charge of this investigation?”

    Congressman Frank Pallone of New Jersey

    “The firing of James Comey is the latest, and perhaps most clear, example of the Trump administration's actions to impede accountability and transparency.‎ We now need not only a fully independent investigation into President Trump's ties with Russia, but an inquiry into his unprecedented decision to replace the Director of the FBI. My fear is that the Trump administration is trying to prevent Director Comey from revealing it's involvement with Russia and other improprieties.”

    Congressman Tom Suozzi of New York

    “I am calling for a special prosecutor to be appointed immediately to conduct an investigation into President Trump and the Trump campaign's relationships with Putin and Russia.”

    FBI Director James Comey FiredFBI Director James Comey Fired

    FBI Director James Comey was terminated by President Trump after receiving "clear recommendations" of both Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein and Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

    (Published Tuesday, May 9, 2017)