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Candidates for Mayor



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    The mayor is the chief executive officer of the City of New York, responsible for the effectiveness and integrity of city government operations. Some of the many duties of the mayor include appointing and removing agency heads and commissioners for mayoral agencies, appointing members to many public authorities, commissions, and boards, and proposing a budget for New York City.
    In addition, the mayor has the power to veto the City Council's legislation and land-use decisions. The mayor earns an annual salary of $225,000.

    Here are the candidates running for mayor:

    Michael Bloomberg

    Stephen Christopher

    Joseph Dobrian

    Daniel Fein

    Jimmy McMillan

    Billy Talen

    Bill Thompson

    Francisca Villar

    The non-partisan video voter guide is a partnership between the voter assistance commission, WNBC, NYC-TV and the campaign finance board. Some candidates for public office declined to participate.  To see a transcript of the video voter guide in English and other languages, please go to  All translations will be be available by Sept. 1, 2009