Donald Trump

Trump's Backing a Health Care Plan That Breaks His Promises

Trump said on the campaign trail he would not cut Medicaid, but the GOP plan would reduce Medicaid spending by $880 billion

President Donald Trump rode to the White House making big promises on health care — pledges that he is now in serious danger of breaking, NBC News reported. 

One example: Trump said in his speech announcing his run for president that he would "save Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security without cuts," and bragged on Twitter that he was the first Republican contender to make that pledge.

But the Congressional Budget Office has found Trump would break his promise — by a mile.

Obamacare expanded Medicaid to cover about 11 million more people, but the House bill would reduce Medicaid spending by $880 billion by 2026, at which point it would spend a full 25 percent less than under current law.

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