The Great GoogaMooga Presents: Pat LaFrieda's 867-Pound Prime Black Angus

Is there really anyone out there that knows meat better than Pa LaFrieda? We think not. His grandfather started Pa LaFrieda Wholesale Meat Purveyors in 1922 and Pat currently runs this West Village joint that supplies the best meats to some of New York's top restaurants. The famous Black Label Burger at Minetta Tavern? Yep, that's Pat's. The Spotted Pig burger? Yep, Pat! 5 Napkin Burger? Yep, Pat, again. What about Shake Shack? You guessed it! Pa LaFrieda is THE New York purveyor of incredible meat. And this weekend, he and his team will be at The Great GoogaMooga in Prospect Park serving a special cut for Googa goers. We'll let him explain:

What makes your event GREAT?
What makes what we're doing at Googamooga special is that it's not every day that you attend an outdoor food/music festival and get to see an 867-pound fully brined and rubbed prime black angus steer roasting for everyone to enjoy.

What will you be serving?
We will be serving the meat off the fully brined and roasted prime black angus steer. The steer will begin roasting at 8AM on Saturday at 200 degrees. The steer will roast for 30 hours and will be ready to serve come noon Sunday.

Best three words to describe why people should try it:

What are you personally looking forward to this weekend other than your own event?
I'm generally just excited to see the spotlight take its place on the incredible food, phenomenal chefs and delicious wines that will be present and participating in this weekend's festival. I'm also excited to see April Bloomfield give a nose-to-tail tour of a 200-pound pig!

We love saying "GoogaMooga!" Humor us--use it in a sentence… however you like.
… [silence]

The Great GoogaMooga is an "amusement park of food and drink" and live music going on this Saturday and Sunday in Prospect Park, Brooklyn. Go on, get your Googa on!

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