Strange Rumbling Noises in California House Turn Out to Be 5 Bears Hibernating in Crawl Space

A bear rescue group is warning area residents to secure crawl spaces after a mother bear and four cubs awoke from hibernation in South Lake Tahoe last week

BEAR League

Some California residents finally figured out last week the source of strange rumbling and snoring noises in their home — a mother bear and her four cubs had been hibernating beneath the South Lake Tahoe house.

The BEAR League, a Lake Tahoe bear rescue organization, said this particular mother black bear had three cubs of her own — and adopted one more — and thus "had four active, chubby little bears following her around" at the end of 2021 when the family began to search for a hibernation den.

"When it came time to go to sleep for the winter she found a house with an unsecured crawl space opening and ushered all the kids inside and told them to Be Quiet and Go to Sleep," BEAR League wrote in a Facebook post on April 19 announcing their eviction of the bear family earlier that day.

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